Photographs with homemade backdrop

I converted two fibreboard plates to backdrops by adding contact paper in different colors and textures to the plates. One of the plates have now a marbel effect, while the other plate have a wooden background. These are very neat to use when taking photos of my products.

I bought the contact paper from Clas Ohlson, and the fibreboard were leftovers after a home improvement project. Glad I could use those instead of throwing them away. If you don`t have a fibreboard, you can use a different type of plate, acrylic, foam, wood or whatever you have on hand.

I started measuring the size of contact paper I needed, before I cut it to the size measured. I then removed a small part of the backing on the short end (1″ or 2.5cm),  before adhering this part to the board. I removed the airbubles with a vinyl scraper (you can use a ruler or a credit card for the same result). I then removed more of the backing, as well as removing air bubles until the whole board were covered with contact paper.

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